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EclipseSpa customers routinely rave about our products. The following are just a few excerpts from customer reviews. You can also read complete customer reviews for each product in product listings.


Judi S., New Jersey

"I just can't tell you how this product has uplifted my total being! In all the years I have purchased hand and body care products whether they were called lotion,oil, butter, scrub, etc. this sugar scrub has made my hands and complete body baby butt soft! Most products might make you feel a little soft for maybe an hour, but your product not only nourishes the skin but you can feel it getting softer after you have used it - even if it is 24 hours later (Oh yeah, I am so addicted to the Rose Scrub and shower gel I don't go more than 24 hours without another fix! So I don't know if the wonderful softness lasts longer than 24 hours!) My hands have NEVER been this soft in the Jersey winter. Now that the summer is almost here using the scrub on my feet is unbelievable! No more dry flakey feet, just the softest feet you can imagine! Thank you for making such wonderful products!


Susan L., Colorado

"I wanted to let you know that I just love the lotion. It is fabulous! Love the feel, love the smell, love the results. My face feels hydrated all day, but not at all greasy.


Michele H., NY

"I have had a heck of a cold. I poured some of your Bubble Bath in-used the White Tea & Ginger bath & Shower Gel (Yes, I use it in a bath!!)---then I threw in 3 scoopfuls of the Meditation Bath Salts.  My skin is so soft and although my cold is still there--I feel much better and infinitely calmer!!  Thank you so much for making these wonderful products!! "


Victoria B., Pleasant Hill. CA

God do I love ur scrub…used it this a.m….It is seriously the best I’ve EVER used….why is that? What is the special ingredient? Olive oil? Tee hee!


Chrissy, Italy

I love the sugar scrub!  Is there a body wash in that scent?  The peppermint and vanilla is a great combination.


Ann E. Pinole, CA

I love Eclipsespa products! tonight I will take a bath and scrub my tired feet with your sugar scrub and soak in a beautifully scented Twilight tub!


Joy P., Castro Valley, CA

I am in love with the Pomegranate Cassis sugar scrubs, massage oils, bath bombs, bath salts and everything you make! Looking forward to more.


Brenda K., Martinez, CA

"I love, love, love the pomegranate body scrub.  Do you have lotion in that scent?"


Janet F., San Ramon, CA

"The Peppermint Vanilla Scrub Rocks!" 


J. Smith, New Jersey

"One of my girlfriends always goes to an island for her and her husband’s Christmas holiday and she got back yesterday and the first call was to me to let me in on her EclipseSpa saving grace mishap.  When she got to her hotel room they changed and went out for a swim after spending the day at the beach it was time to shower and get ready to go out to dinner.  Well she totally forgot to pack lotion (after a day in the sand & salt water your skin needs all the help it can get.) all she had packed was her EclipseSpa sugar scrub and shower gel.  She couldn’t believe how your shower gel cleans and moisturizes the missing lotion wasn’t even missed!  The shower gel is beyond belief!  I had told her that the same thing had happened to me last summer at the Jersey shore and I totally knew what she was talking about!  What a fantastic formula you have created!  The down side to the shower gel is we are finding ourselves not even thinking about buying a bar of soap!

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